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In an industry where online visibility is often challenged, having your own website is key.
It’s your safe space, free from the unpredictability of shadow bans or the sudden loss of your account, where your branding can take centre stage. You’ll notice I often use ‘brand’ to refer to your alias. Just as in any other industry, it’s vital to present a consistent, dependable, and cohesive image across your online presence.

Your website isn’t just a site; it’s the home of your brand, offering a secure, discrimination-free zone where you can connect directly with those who matter the most – your clients.

Together, we’ll build a site that’s not just professional and trustworthy but also truly yours. From branding to going live, everything is done in-house, offering you peace of mind with the assurance of confidentiality and a personal touch in every detail.

Let’s create a space that’s authentically yours.

Custom Branding

A consistent online presence enhances your brand's identity & credibility

Don’t already have a branding guide? No worries!

The Website Design process begins by working together to build a branding guideline that is individual & reflects your style! Or we can refine a look that you already love & use.

Your Custom Branding includes; two logos, a colour scheme & font pairing, which are used across your site & sent to you for continuity across platforms such as social media & ‘link in bio’ locations.

The process is simple, whether you already know precisely what you want or have no idea where to start. Communication is key. I have designed a beautiful, user-friendly questionnaire/mood board that covers all bases before the design process starts, without the overwhelm, resulting in a faster turnaround time & on-point drafts. 

Multi-page website

Optimised for mobile, desktop & tablet.

Embrace the full potential of your new corner of the internet with a multi-page website. 

You are welcome to include up to 6 pages such as an About page, Gallery/s, Rates, Services, Tours, Contact, Testimonials etc.

Contact forms are always included, making it easier for your visitors to reach out to you directly.


With optional add-on of a Subscriber list

A Tours page or section can be added for you to update with locations, dates of upcoming tours, changes in rates for the tour etc.

If you wish to add a subscriber list, allowing you to send email notifications or newsletters, there is an additional fee of AUD 200.

This allows you to send an email to everyone on your list or, you can use categories such as City, to target specific locations. These newsletters will be created with a branded template & will be delivered to clients directly from your email address.


The Website Design package is AUD 1500.

To set up a Subscriber list is an additional AUD 200.

Domain & Hosting is not included in the above rate.
I am happy to advise you on industry friendly domain & hosting choices, as well as guide you through the process.

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Package inclusions:

You will receive a straightforward yet thorough Questionnaire/mood board that covers everything I need to know to build your dream website.

Your Custom Branding includes two logos, a colour scheme & font pairings, which are used across your site & then sent to you for continuity across platforms like social media & ‘link in bio’ locations.

Having your information spread across multiple pages encourages your viewer to explore a little more. I ensure that each page has a call to action section, so you’re always just one click away.

Contact forms provide a convenient & approachable way for prospective clients to reach out. These forms are delivered to your email address immediately upon submission. They are also saved on the back end of your website, should you ever need them.

A prospective client who isn’t lucky enough to be in your city will always navigate to this page to try their luck. You can easily update Tour details like location, dates, rates etc in this section.
For an additional AUD 200, we can set-up a Tour Subscriber list so that as soon as you organise a tour, an announcement lands straight in your prospective clients inbox.

Website speed is an integral part of the user experience. I ensure all media uploaded to your site is optimised for the fastest loading times possible without compromising quality.

My goal is to work with you to create a brand that reflects your style & a website that is user-friendly, for both you & your audience.

If you’d like to learn more, please reach out via the Contact form below.

Your questions answered

Common questions

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“Erika from Papaya Peach has done a beautiful job creating my reasonably complex website.

I have dealt with at least 3 other website builders in the past for an array of sites and I must say Erika shines above all.  She is super organised. Her unique design process means you can have as little or as much input as you like.  What I’ve always liked about Erika in her photography work as well as web-design, is that she is the perfect balance between creative and decisive.

Erika is the best web builder I’ve come across, and such a beautiful human being to deal with. An absolute pleasure from start to finish.”

Jessica Luscious

“I adore my new website! Papaya Peach understood exactly what I wanted and made the process so quick and easy. She sent me a Milanote page that was like a moodboard where I answered some questions and filled in my ideas.

From my haphazard info, she then created a beautiful site that was exactly Gracie Grey style! She also added a newsletter function so I can collect email addresses to send out tour notifications & see what cities people come from. Super helpful.

Besides being very good at what she does, she’s just a pleasure to interact with and, as she understands the industry, was able to give lots of great ideas & I was always really comfortable trusting her.”

Gracie Grey

“Erika was absolutely incredible to work with when building my website.

She had such clear communication and made the whole experience less daunting. She was patient and understanding.

I can’t recommend her enough. She did an amazing job and I’m so happy with it. Thanks Erika! Xx”

Harley Frost

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